Access The 7- Figure Starter Kit Reloaded
To Go From Idea To Income! For $77


In The 7-Figure Starter Kit Reloaded, 

Learn How To Go From Idea To Income & Build Your Business To $10K+ Per Month!


An all-inclusive business guide and manual for new and seasoned entrepreneurs who need guidance in establishing and building a seven-figure business foundation. In the 7 Figure Starter Kit Reloaded, you will learn how to manifest your idea to income and find clarity in your vision. 


Chapter 1- Business Idea, Niche, & Target Audience

-7 Figure Blueprint
-Skill Inventory
-Niche & Target Audience
-Affiliate Marketing & Dropshipping

Chapter 2- Products & Business Strategy 

-Choosing The Right Products
-Finding The Right Vendor
-Marketing Strategy
-Target Audience

Chapter 3- Business Entities, Licenses, & Permits

-Business Registration
-Business Terminology
-Permits & Licenses
-Commercial Insurance

Chapter 4- QuickBooks & Bookkeeping

-Tax Write Offs
-Bookkeeping & Financial Systems
-Expense Tracking
-Business Bank Account Management

Chapter 5- Ellie Talks Money & How to Pay Yourself

-How To Pay Yourself: LLC vs S-Corp
-Payroll & Automation
-Paying Taxes
-NDA's & Contracts

Chapter 6- Domain & Landing Pages

-Customers Need To Find You
-Domain Purchase Options
-Landing Page Set Up
-Free Offer + Promo

Chapter 7- Content Planning Tools

-Instagram Content Calendar
-Learn With Me

Bonus Content

-Niche & Target Audience Worksheet
-Business Permits & Licenses Requirements by State
-Quickbooks Tutorial
-Contract Template
-NDA & Independent Contractor Agreement
-Pay Your Children Job Description
-Reels Content Calendar
-30 Day Content Planner for Instagram
-Ultimate List of Vendors Presentation Plus:
-Clothing & Accessories Vendors
-Beauty & Cosmetic Vendors

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Eliza DIOP

Ellie Diop is the Single Mompreneur of 4 Beautiful Children, Who Used Her $1200 Pandemic Stimulus Check to Build Her Online Business Consulting Company to over 2 Million Dollars in under 2 Years. She’s coached over 40,000 students scale their businesses to 6 figures.
She specializes in helping women embrace their power, start their business, and create a new life for themselves! She is an author, business coach, and transformational speaker and extremely excited to help you in your journey to entrepreneurship.
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